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Other Instruments Made for Previous Clients(images not to scale)

Twin Neck Mandolin / Mandola

Handmade Twin Neck Mandolin / Mandola

Acacia Blackwood back and sides - specially made HEADWAY double pickup system

6 String Cello

Handmade 6 String Cello

Additional top and bottom strings provide a very wide range of notes and chords

Tenor Nyckelharpa

Handmade Nyckelharpa

Modern Swedish
'Keyed Fiddle' with
4 bowed cello strings and 12 sympathetic strings

Fan Fret Guitar

Handmade Bass Guitar

With 12 sympathetic strings, Madagascan Rosewood back and sides

6 String Bowed Guitar

6 String Bowed Guitar

Body of birdseye maple with 13 sympathetic strings

5 String Cello

Electric Cello

Prize winner - body of walnut and birds-eye maple, with double pickup system

Harp Ukulele

Electric Cello

Concert sized Harp Ukulele. Flamed maple back/sides. Alpine spruce front -Schatten pickup

Double Bass

Double Bass

Acoustic construction, body of walnut and spruce with pickup system

6 String Cello

6 string cello

Electro acoustic cello made for Moulettes

Commissioning a bespoke stringed instrument

I am occasionally asked to make instruments other than the guitar family. These have included a cittern, a bowed guitar, two nyckelharpas and an Irish bouzouki.

I am happy to take on these projects and usually do not charge for research and development. I sometimes ask for a deposit to cover materials and the final payment always depends on the client’s full satisfaction.

As always, there is a full guarantee to cover materials and workmanship for the original owner.

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